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Pneumatic Accessories

A complete solution from the valve Up!

UT-ZM UT-ZM Declutchable Manual Override

Our gear overrides enable users to safely and easily position their valves - specifically enabling a 90 degree turn in either direction.

Direct NAMUR Mount Solenoid Valves

UniTorq's direct NAMUR solenoid valve provides high-cycle, high-flow, fast-response performance in the most severe environments. Equipped with a standard manual override, UniTorq solenoids provide  most standard coil voltages.

Pneumatic, Electro-Pneumatic, and Smart Digital Positioners

UniTorq's portfolio of advanced-control positioners offer a consistently reliable solution with proven durability.


Speed Controller UT-SC Speed Controls

The UT-SC accurately and consistently adjusts the rotary speed of the actuator for precise control of the open/close speed of the valve.
UT-AL Air Lock

The UT-AL air lock "block and vent" device blocks the supply of air from both the solenoid valve and the actuator while it vents all compressed air.


UT-PV Purge/Rebreather Block

The UT-PV purge valve is a rebreathing block that provides a quick exhaust function that increases the fail position speed of spring return actuators.

Special Applications

UniTorq offers a wide range of mounting accessories for special applications. We can also assist in a custom solution.