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UniTorq Series 3400 Smart Digital Positioners


UniTorq 3400 Positioner

3400 Series

UniTorq’s newest smart digital positioner provides technological innovation beyond established performance expectations. UniTorq’s advancement in smart digital controls delivers constant results under unpredictable operating conditions at all times.
  • Provides continuous valve position control and offers real-time state of control, including a view of operating integrity and emerging alert conditions.
  • Advanced auto-calibration controls positioner gain settings, zero and span adjustments, and internal adjustments. This is done with a microprocessor that measures position sensor voltage and input setpoint current, and sets the amount of control signal required to move the valve to its end points.
  • An auto-tuning microcontroller allows the user to automatically tune the proportional, integral, and derivative (PID) functions of the positioner.
  • Non-contact position feedback allows positioner to be mounted remotely (up to a distance of 150 feet) from the device it is controlling.
  • Because valve position sensing is done entirely by proximity means, hysteresis within the positioner is basically non-existent. This allows the user to accurately track the control signal to within 1/10 of 1 mA.
  • ATEX, IECEX certified.

Marketing Brochures

Series 1000 Postioner Product Brochures

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UniTorq Positioner Brochure


3400 Series Positioner Specs


Engineering Documents

Series 1000 Dimensions, Mounting Patterns, Air Consumption, Weights and Sizes

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UT-3400L (Standard)
UT-3400R (Standard)